Prison Architect’s Going Green DLC adds farming

Prison Architect’s next expansion, dubbed Going Green, adds farming to the prison management simulator.

Going Green, due out on 28th January on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, lets prisoners grow produce (potatoes, wheat, apples etc) and create a self-sustaining compound. You can farm the land, build green energy sources (solar, wind, and solar/wind hybrid) and customise the compound with sustainable materials. Produce can be exported or used as ingredients for inmate meals.

There are three outdoor rooms for farming: the fruit orchard, farm field and vegetable allotment. You can recruit staff farm workers, build a pantry to store produce, and construct a shed to house farming-related items.

Inmates can grow flowers and other plants, and gardening gives them a positive recreation activity. However, there is new contraband. Prisoners can secretly grow herbs in the fields and steal kitchen ingredients to brew booze. Fields can also become gang turf, so you have to keep your guard up.

Going Green is the third Prison Architect expansion publisher Paradox has launched since taking over the IP from Introversion in 2019. It’s developed by Double Eleven.

Meanwhile, launching alongside Going Green is The Glasshouse, a free content update available to all Prison Architect players.

This adds new objects, quickrooms, community improvements (object menu sorting methods and improvements to the dump and demolition tools) and two new employees: K9 units Shepherd and Bowtie Bandit.